Awarded Projects

Evaluating the Efficacy, Accessibility, Pedagogical Implications and Labour Costs of Adopting an OER in a Greek and Roman Myth Course

Project Investigator: Tara Mulder, Assistant Professor of Teaching, CNERS Project Description This project aims to investigate the efficacy, accessibility, pedagogical implications, and labour costs of adopting the open-access e-textbook, Mythoi Koinoi: An Open Access Anthology of Greek and Roman Myth in a 100-level undergraduate Greek and Roman myth course. Mythoi Koinoi was created with an […]

Fostering Learning Community: how may a collaborative learning environment lead to meaningful exploration in an online, synchronous introductory food science course?

Project Investigator: Judy Chan, Sessional Lecturer, Food, Nutrition, and Health Project Description Collaborative learning has been a key instructional theme in FNH200-942, a summer intensive session where students explore sciences of foods we eat. Students enrolled in this course came with diverse academic and cultural backgrounds, joined from multiple time zones, and have different personal […]

Why do we test? Decentring power structures in student assessment through agency, choice and partnership

Project investigator: Katie Lee Bunting, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy Project Description While argued as detrimental to meaningful student learning, oppressive power dynamics remain deeply and stubbornly embedded within student assessment of learning in higher education, where educators holds much of the power over student assessment. In OSOT 511, the summative […]

Emotion(ality) and Emotive Writing: Assessing the impacts in/on the Middle East Studies classroom

Project Investigator(s): Pheroze Unwalla, Assistant Professor of Teaching (History) + Chair (MES), Faculty of Arts Project Description In MES300 The Middle East: Critical Questions & Debates, students examine the troubled history of Middle East Studies (MES) and then work to decolonize and resituate the field within a social justice framework. This project evaluates the impact […]

Disciplinary coherences: Building dialectics through paired interview methods

Project Investigator(s): Christine D’Onofrio, Associate Professor of Teaching, Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory, Faculty of Arts; and Pants Rayner, Curriculum Consultant, CTLT Project Description The Bachelor of Media Studies is a multidisciplinary program where diverse methods and perspectives meet around media topics. Two years ago, students reported a lack of connection between […]

Impact of Indigenous-focused module in a second-year technical communication course on engineering students’ intercultural understanding as it relates to Indigenous People

Project Investigator(s): Alon Eisenstein, Assistant Professor of Teaching, School of Engineering, Applied Science Project Description The School of Engineering’s Indigenous Engagement Plan calls for Indigenization of the curriculum. In response, an Indigenous-focused project was developed to prepare students for early, deep and meaningful consultation with Indigenous communities and has been introduced to the second-year course […]

Evaluating Presence for Building Trust and Equity in Multi-campus Courses

Project Investigator(s): Christoph Sielmann, Assistant Professor of Teaching & Casey Keulen, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Applied Sciences Project Description As additional multi-campus courses (i.e. one course instructor with cohorts at multiple locations) are offered at UBC and other institutions, there is a growing need to quickly evaluate and contrast the student experience at each location […]

The healthy skeptic! Building expert-like strategies for critically evaluating claims in primary research papers in undergraduate life sciences

Project Investigator(s): Marcia Graves, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Science Project Description Laboratory courses are ideal instructional settings for students to practice reading and interpreting data from primary literature. For 5 years, we have been collecting data in an upper level lab course to evaluate the impact of course […]

Instructor Perceptions and Reported Practices Around Informal Peer Collaboration on Homework Among Engineering Students

Project Investigator(s): Agnes d’Entremont, Associate Professor of Teaching & Loay Al-Salehi, PhD Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Science Project Description Although core engineering science courses typically do not focus on team and group work, many students complete their homework, and/or study for exams, in groups (“Informal peer collaboration”). Limited research has concluded that low levels of […]

Queering the School of Social Work and beyond

Project Investigator(s): Antoine Coulombe, Assistant Professor of Teaching; Hannah Kia, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Faculty of Arts Project Description This project will explore how the School of Social Work (SSW) prepares students to work with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Queer, Two-Spirit, and other gender and sexual minority groups (LGBTQ/2S+). We will conduct a […]