The ISoTL staff at UBC support faculty members in engaging in reflective practices and pedagogical research by providing training and professional development for faculty members who seek to engage in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).

SoTL Dissemination Fund

The SoTL Dissemination Fund provides support for conference or publication of SoTL work conducted with direct implications for UBC. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Upcoming workshop

Join us on November 29th for a workshop on survey design, where we will discuss the best uses for surveys as an evaluation tool and provide tips on designing effective surveys that elicit useful and insightful data.


The ISoTL team has generated and curated many resources to support SoTL work. These include an extensive reference list of SoTL literature, and a practical listing of “how-to” and best practice guides to help with your SoTL work.


Support for evaluation of, reflection on, and research into teaching and learning.


Relevant information on research and evaluation of teaching and learning at UBC.


Our newsletter features faculty publications, upcoming SoTL opportunities and events.