The ISoTL staff at UBC support faculty members in engaging in reflective practices and pedagogical research by providing training and professional development for faculty members who seek to engage in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).

Upcoming workshop

Data Visualizations for Teaching and Learning Projects: Tips and Tricks. This session will provide examples of easy ways to improve visualizations of teaching and learning project outcomes, and discuss why some visualization types are clearer than others.

SoTL Dissemination Fund

Applications accepted on an ongoing basis. This fund supports project dissemination on teaching and learning research in higher education with direct implications for UBC. This funding can support expenses related to presenting SoTL work at conferences or publishing SoTL work.

ISoTL Membership

Applications accepted on an ongoing basis. ISoTL Membership connects SoTL experts to strengthen the UBC community of SoTL practitioners, engage in independent and collaborative SoTL within and beyond the classroom, and support each other in scholarly dissemination.


Support for evaluation of, reflection on, and research into teaching and learning.


Relevant information on research and evaluation of teaching and learning at UBC.


Our bi-monthly newsletter features faculty publications, upcoming SoTL opportunities and events.