The Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISoTL) was established by the UBC Vancouver Senate in May 2004. Its mandate is to support research, inquiry, and reflection on teaching and learning at the University of British Columbia. Since its inception, the activities of the Institute have evolved, and currently the following objectives guide specific ISoTL initiatives and programs:

  • Support faculty members in engaging in reflective practices and pedagogical research in the disciplines.
  • Promote the dissemination of curriculum and pedagogical research in ways that inform and enhance educational practice across the disciplines at UBC and beyond.
  • Provide international leadership and collaborations for SoTL research.
  • Provide training and professional development opportunities for faculty members who seek to engage in SoTL.
  • Promote a culture of teaching as a scholarly activity.

Currently, the ISoTL team provides a variety of services to support SoTL activities at UBC: the SoTL Seed Program, the SoTL Dissemination Fund; teaching and learning evaluation consultations; and workshops and events throughout the year.

To further the goals of the Institute, we are announcing a new membership program. The goal of the membership program is to establish a formal group of experts to strengthen SoTL at UBC. We invite UBC faculty to join ISoTL as members. Members will work together with the ISoTL team to strengthen the UBC community of SoTL practitioners, engage in independent and collaborative SoTL within and beyond the classroom, and support each other in scholarly dissemination.

ISoTL will facilitate connections and networking according to members’  interests.

Benefits of membership

  • A formal association with ISoTL.
  • Participate in organized networking events with ISoTL members focused on creating collaborations and receiving peer feedback.
  • Access to coordinated writing groups.
  • Receive feedback on draft grant proposals and publications through a coordinated peer review.
  • A members-only online portal with a repository of SoTL-related grant applications and manuscripts that members can review, collaborate on and discuss.

ISoTL members agree to:

  • Contribute to ISoTL events and programs. For example, serving as panelists or facilitators, as interests and schedules allow.
  • Contribute to informal peer review of other members’ grant proposals and publications.
  • Promote a culture of teaching as a scholarly activity within and across their discipline. For example, helping others get started with SoTL and sharing expertise.
  • Participate in three membership meetings per year (once per term).
  • Have their name, affiliation, email address and research interests displayed on the ISoTL website.
  • Report instances of successful SoTL grants, presentations, and publications to ISoTL for showcasing.

ISoTL Memberships

There are two levels of membership with differing responsibilities, Scholar and Senior Scholar.


ISoTL Scholars are actively engaged in SoTL, including dissemination. Scholars actively work to increase interest in SoTL. Open to UBC faculty members of any rank who have been involved in two or more years of SoTL and plan to continue to engage in it.

Senior Scholar

Senior Scholars are expected to play an active role in creating collaborative relationships both within and beyond UBC that may lead to funding opportunities to support SoTL. They contribute to ISoTL by providing advice to other Scholars and actively work to increase the community’s interest in SoTL. Open to UBC faculty members of any rank who have consistently engaged in SoTL activities over the period of at least five years, and view SoTL as a major component of their work.

How to apply

To apply, please complete this form.

Membership applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Membership will be determined by the Institute Director in consultation with members of the ISoTL Advisory Committee.

We intend to invite all qualified applicants to become members. However, if there is an overwhelming response we may need to cap membership to ensure we can facilitate ISoTL’s activities effectively.

We anticipate a short renewal process will occur approximately every three years to ensure the relationship and engagement with ISoTL is mutually beneficial. Please reach out to the Director if you have any questions about the process or membership.