SoTL and teaching and learning dissemination avenues

We have collected the following list of journals to support public dissemination of your SoTL. It may also serve as a beginning to engage in disciplinary and interdisciplinary study and conversation in teaching and learning. Our hope was to provide a channel in which scholarly activities and initiatives at national and international level are shared. An extensive list of discipline-specific SoTL journals can be found on the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (KSU) website.

Inter/cross/multi- disciplinary SoTL journals:

The Canadian Journal of SoTL:

Canadian Society for Study of Education [Journal and Conference]:

Teaching and Learning Inquiry:

International Journal of Academic Development:

The International Journal of Learning in Higher Education:

Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning:

To Improve the Academy: Academy of Educational Leadership Journal

Active Learning in Higher Education:

Adult Education Quarterly:

Higher Education Research and Development:

The Learner [multidisciplinary]:

E-learning and distance education: [interdisciplinary].;

Race Ethnicity and Education

The Research in Higher Education Journal (RHEJ)

Teaching and Learning [cross-disciplinary]:;


Disciplinary journals:

Advances in Health Sciences Education [Health Sciences Discipline]:;

Anatomical Sciences Education: [biological sciences]:

Art Education [Visual Art Discipline]:

Arts and Humanities in Higher Education:

Biology Teaching [Biological Science]:;

Computer Science Education:;;

Educational Leadership:

Engineering Education (IJEE):

Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences disciplines:

Science, and Technology Education:;

Business and management teaching journal: ; ;;

The History Teacher [History]:

Language Learning:; ;

Mathematics and accounting education: ;;

Medical Education:;

Nurse Educator:

Physics education:;





Teaching in Social Work:


Theology and Religion Studies education: