2024 Winter Awarded Projects

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the first round of 2024 Winter SoTL Seed Program cohort on embarking on a reflective journey to research and evaluate impactful pedagogies.

Full SoTL Seed Projects

  • Evaluating the Integration of the new Social Entrepreneurial Competency into the Dental Hygiene Degree Program (DHDP) Curriculum
    Salima Alibhai | Dental Hygiene (Oral Biological & Medical Sciences)
  • Evaluation of Nurse 180 – Stress and Strategies to Promote Wellbeing
    Ranjit K. Dhari | School of Nursing
  • Experience in Simulation Lab compared to Simulation Clinic in Restorative Dentistry Teaching: did this transition affect students’ performance?  
    Luana Carvalho | Oral Health Sciences
  • Exploring the Role of AI-Generated Patient Cases in Pharmacy Education: Educator and Student Perspectives
    Jamie Yuen and Jocelyn Micallef | Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Improving student well-being in Biology lab assessments: An investigation of modifying ungrading to reduce student stress
    Stella Lee | Zoology
  • Investigating the impact of leadership training on student learning and development of non-technical skills in an engineering laboratory course
    Amir M. Dehkhoda | Materials Engineering
  • The use of spatial sound as a methodology
    Siobhan Wittig McPhee | Geography
  • Understanding Student Experiences of Complexity and Discomfort in Team-Based Learning (TBL) Environments
    Jessica Kalra | BPSc

Limited Support Seed Projects

  • GLOW-UP: Gamifying Learning Objectives Within Undergraduate Pedagogies
    Sana Shahram | School of Nursing | UBCO
  • Impact of gender on students engineering roles and identity during first co-op work experiences ¬†
    Jenna Usprech | School of Biomedical Engineering
  • Impacts of a Hybrid Model for Cross-Disciplinary Cross-Institutional Student Collaboration
    Gabrielle Lam | School of Biomedical Engineering
  • Mino-Bimaadiziwin in the Classroom: Challenging and Engaging Students Through Ojibwe Philosophy Within Undergraduate Pedagogies
    Benjamin Ramirez | Community, Culture, and Global Studies | UBCO
  • Using Auto-graded and random generated questions on a Discrete Math course for CS majors.
    Karina Mochetti | Computer Science Department
  • Visualization Techniques for Team Diagnosis
    Bowen Hui | Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics | UBCO