CTLT Winter Institute e-posters

Presenters (Additional team members appear in parentheses) E-poster Title
Amy Jradi (Neelam Dhaliwal, Gabriella Wong) Implementation and Evaluation: Webinar Learning for Pharmacy Practice Educators
Lisa Chang (Silvia Bartolic, Hailey Craig) Mitigating Online Learning Inequalities
Joss Ives (Georg Rieger, Fatemeh Renani) A student distraction comparison between clickers and bring-your-own-device
Sonali Rishi (Neelam Dhaliwal, Janice Yeung) Regional Practicum Model for Pharmacy Experiential Education
Batoul Shariati (Zul Kanji, Shimae Soheilipour, Lyana Patrick, Afsaneh Sharif) Enhancing Learning in an Online Oral Epidemiology and Statistics Course
Simon Lolliot (Steven Barnes, Trish Varao-Sousa) Seating the Scene: Antecedents of Intergroup Contact
Megha Kalia (Meghan Allen) Comparing the effect of individual and group code
Laila Ferreira (Jennifer Walsh Marr, Katherine Lyon, Silvia Mazabel, Jess McIver & Georg Rieger) The SRL Paradox: How Instructor Presence Fosters Self-regulated Learning