Celebrate SoTL 2021

The fourth annual Celebrate SoTL Day hosted by ISoTL took place virtually on Thursday, October 21 and Friday, October 22, 2021. Faculty, staff and students attended the four sessions: an interactive workshop on faculty perspectives and experiences with SoTL, an e-poster session, and two workshops on dissemination of SoTL work. We are so pleased that we were able to host, connect and engage with the UBC SoTL community in this revised, virtual form! These events provided the opportunity for novice and experienced SoTL practitioners to share their stories, and engage in dialogues around teaching and learning. If you were unable to attend the sessions, or just wish to revisit the content, slides and recordings (for some sessions) are available below.


Panel Discussion (Thursday, October 21, 2021) – SoTL 101: Faculty Perspective

  • This panel hosted five SoTL experts who shared their insights on expanding SoTL projects from initial conceptualization to broader application. A recording of the session can be requested, and a slide deck from the presenters can be downloaded here (PDF).

Showcase (Thursday, October 21, 2021) – e-poster session

  • This poster session featured SoTL activity across UBC and provided an opportunity to learn about SoTL projects and experiences, solicit feedback, disseminate results, and invite collaboration. This session was not recorded, but posters may be viewed below.
Presenter e-Poster Title
1 Segun Oyedele (Emmett Campbell, Trinh Nguyen) Feedback in the MD Undergraduate CBL curriculum: Is it working?
2 Jonathan L Graves (Emrul Hasan) Understanding the hybrid classroom in economics
3 Andis Klegeris Active learning in small teams does not advance critical thinking skills of students while improving their problem solving
4 Casey Keulen (Christoph Sielmann) Multi-campus teaching: An introductory course for educators
5 Pamela Kalas (Patrick Dubois; Craig Berezowsky; Jennifer Klenz) Using concept inventories for early identification of students at risk of struggling in genetics
6 Sally Stewart (Jannik Eikenaar,
Marissa Hall)
The TEACHERS Project: Keeping our students well in the classroom
7 Xiaowen Xu (Bosung Kim; Trish Varao-Sousa) Enhancing students’ engagement with a group writing project by optimizing division of labour
8 Nina Hewitt (Leilani Forby) Conventional vs. Digital field education in the Biogeosciences: Student perceptions and performance
9 Zoe Soon (Meagen Lauridsen) Creating interactive and engaging case studies for pathophysiology students and assessing their value


Workshop (Friday, October 22, 2021) – Getting your SoTL work published

  • This interactive session aimed at helping to identify relevant publication outlets, understanding what makes SoTL writing unique and guidelines for drafting the outline of a SoTL dissemination piece. A recording of the session can be requested, and the slides can be downloaded here (PDF).

Discussion Session (Friday, October 22, 2021) – Creative dissemination of your SoTL work

  • This session focused on exploring the unique venues for sharing SoTL work (e.g., Twitter, blog posts, etc.) and insights and guidelines for these different approaches. A recording of the session can be requested, and a slide deck  can be downloaded here (PDF).

We hope to see you again next year!