Celebrate SoTL 2020

The third annual Celebrate SoTL Day hosted by the Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISoTL) took place virtually on Thursday, October 22 and Friday, October 23, 2020. Over 50 faculty, staff and students attended the two events: an e-poster session and a well-being panel. We are so pleased that we were able to host, connect and engage with the UBC SoTL community in a revised, virtual form! These two events provided the opportunity for novice and experienced SoTL practitioners to share their stories, and engage in dialogues around teaching and learning.


e-Poster session room 1

Presenter e-Poster Title
1 Franklin Hu (Simon Albon) Creating A Research Ethics Vetting Guide for Pedagogical Studies
2 Jeanette Leeuwner  (Jackie Stewart, Yue Mao, Natasha Pestonji-Dixon) Taking a closer look at learning motivation in first year chemistry
3 Matthew Coles
(Costanza Piccolo, Fabi Frohlich)
Identity belonging and experience in honours mathematics
4 Neelam Dhaliwal
(Gabriella Wong, Amy Jradi)
Webinar-Based Development Opportunities for Pharmacy Practice Educators
5 Robyn Pitman I can’t wait to start this: How non-conventional assignments can support workplace skill development
6 Farah Shroff Indigenous Healing in the Public Health Classroom: Experiential Learning in Online Formats
7 Sally Stewart
(Jannik Eikenaar, Katelyn Wood)
The TEACHERS Project; Training and Engaging Academics in their Classrooms to  positively impact Health, Education and Resiliency in our Students
8 Silvia Bartolic (Lisa Chang) Meeting students’ expectations of feedback through learning analytics
9 Juan Abello
(Yue Mao, Natasha Pestonji-Dixon)
Embedding a transition to university learning and wellness component into a first-year calculus sequence
10 Deanna Bracewell (Patricia Hingston) Curriculum Renewal in Trying Times
11 Misuzu Kazama
(Ihhwa Kim, Matty Jullamon)
eNunciate: Empowering Pronunciation Teaching and Learning


e-Poster session room 2

# Presenter e-Poster Title
1 Kelly Allison
(Marie Nightbird, Grant Charles)
Investigating the impact of Peer Feedback on Communication Skills in Social Work
2 Maryam Moussavi
(Natasha Pestonji-Dixon)
Improving scientific writing in upper year molecular biology lab
3 Patricia Hingston
(Deanna Bracewell)
Comparison of Industry Needs and UBC Food Science Graduates’ Preparedness
4 Strang Burton (Simon Ho) Video vs. still diagrams for teaching how speech sounds are produced in the mouth
5 Andis Klegeris Mixed-mode instruction using active learning in small teams improves generic problem-solving skills of university students
6 Jonathan Graves Backwards Assessment Design: An Approach to Optimal Assessment Weighting
7 Gail Hammond
(Zul Kanji, Jelena Karan)
Evaluation of an Interprofessional Peer-to-Peer Educational Model for Teaching Nutrition in a Dental Hygiene Degree Program
8 Hartley Banack
(Gerald Tembrevilla)
Preservice teachers’ perceptions and practices of outdoor learning: A case study of time spent outdoors
9 Antoine Coulombe
(Gerald Tembrevilla)
Teaching Social Work Analysis through Community of Practice Pedagogy
10 Katherine Lyon (Nicole Malette, Margaret Wen, Rebecca Ruotong Liu) Designing accessible course-based community engaged learning
11 Luisa Canuto
(Annalisa Mosca, Magda Novelli)
Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) to explore ‘Italianness’, according to our students


Panel Discussion: SoTL and Student Wellbeing

Michael Lee: Learning environments that enhance wellbeing: Lessons learned at UBC

Elisabeth Bailey: Managing the Challenges of Living & Learning Online

Siobhán McPhee: Is student wellbeing only something we should be concerned about during Covid?

External links shared during the presentations:


We hope to see you again next year!