Summer 2015 awarded projects

Aptitude for Knowledge Transfer Across Disciplinary Boundaries

Chris Addison and James Charbonneau
Science One

Developing an instrument that will allow us to quantify student ability to transfer knowledge across discipline boundaries, and to assess the ability of the Science One Program to promote this knowledge transfer.

Negotiating Change: Determining readiness for self-directed learning

Gail Hammond and Alice Cassidy
Food, Nutrition & Health

This project is designed as a multi-level needs assessment that investigates the perceptions, understanding, and experiences of self-directed learning (SDL) held by current students registered in two large introductory nutrition classes (same course) and current teaching assistants who were former students in the course. The results of this research will contribute to creating opportunities for developing greater student autonomy in learning early in a 4-year undergraduate program.

On being strategic in selecting active learning techniques

Jenny Peterson
Poli Sci Arts / Vantage

This study will present evidence and analysis of the specific impacts of different modes of active learning (e.g. simulations, role playing, peer teaching, reflective writing), on specific course learning objectives (e.g. improving basic comprehension of topic area, developing critical thinking skills, communicating complex arguments/concepts effectively).
From this analysis the opportunities and barriers for improving learning objectives will be addressed and will allow instructors to strategically select active learning techniques that are best suited to further specific learning objectives (as opposed to selecting active learning more broadly as a teaching philosophy).

Two Stage Review to Improving Student Application of Concepts

Tara Ivanochko, Sara Harris and Phil Austin

EOSC 340: Global Climate Change is a math- and physics-intensive course open to science and engineering students at UBC. This project aims to develop, implement and evaluate a two-stage math and physics review aimed to improve student transfer of 1st year math and physics concepts to applications in upper level science courses.

Exploring International Students’ Perceptions and Peer Review in a Science Communications Course

Ashley Welsh and Joanne Fox
SCIE 113 Science / Vantage

This research aims to investigate how international first-year students’ engagement with peer review activities in a first year science communications course influences their perception of peer review and their own approaches to writing. Analysis of a survey instrument, student coursework, classroom observations, and written reflections will assist in pinpointing which course activities and resources were most influential to students’ perceptions and writing.

Improving Teamwork Skills in Geological Engineering

Susan Hollingshead
EOAS Science

The purpose of this project is to research ways to improve student learning outcomes related to teamwork skills in a six-credit, group-project-based, capstone course for fourth-year undergraduate geological engineering students. This research will use pre-post self-assessments of teamwork skills as well as peer evaluations and other evaluation tools (e.g., coursework) to evaluate the impact of particular interventions on student learning.

Flexible learning student engagement: a case study

Phaedra Burke
Sauder School of Business

The intent of this research is to improve (or strengthen) student engagement in a Flexible Learning course by understanding student interest and motivation in learning.