<project name> – <team>

Project type: <new technology for UBC; workshops and events; consultation; other service>

What is being evaluated (project overview)?

Evaluation goals

What are the goals of the specific evaluation project? What questions are answered with this evaluation?


What data and information were collected and how?

Provide link to an annotated summary of data, as well as your instruments (survey, interview protocol, etc).


What were the main findings? Ground these claims in supporting data.

  • Goal
    • Claim
      • Evidence
    • Claim
      • Evidence
      • Evidence


Provide three levels of recommendations:

  • Project: how can the evaluated project be improved? This targets you and other people involved. (ex: how can the CDI be improved?)
  • Future evaluation: how can similar evaluations be done better in the future? This targets CTLT staff who seek to evaluate similar efforts. (ex: how can future evaluation of this or similar efforts, e.g., TA training, be informed?)
  • For participants: what are some best practices for participants? This targets external participants. (ex: what should instructors know before taking the CDI?)


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Additional Information

<references, links, other related resources>