Scholarship of Educational Development


Following the 2016 SMT Retreat, a cross-team group created a framework for evaluation projects for CTLT activities and initiatives. The framework is designed to support the evaluation of key projects from various teams to facilitate transfer of findings and methods, and increase awareness of evaluation and its benefits, towards a cultural change across CTLT.

The goals of the evaluation are threefold:

  1. To improve our practices.
  2. To promote accountability and the communication around it.
  3. To document good practices in terms of both evaluation and implementation of different projects.

Each evaluation project is concluded in a report that is presented on the CTLT Evaluation blog.

This document outlines the frameworks of the report. The report is made of three parts:

(i) a summary document (ii) annotated summary of data, and (iii) the instruments that were used during the evaluation.

Download a copy of the CTLT Evaluation Framework document below: