About the “Explore SoTL” guide

What is “SoTL” and what might a “SoTL” inquiry at UBC look like? How might one begin to embark on a SoTL inquiry in their own classroom? Where can I learn more about SoTL at UBC? 

The Explore SoTL Guide has been designed to help instructors navigate, plan for and initiate scholarly inquiry into teaching and learning at UBC. The Institute of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISoTL) has expertise in helping instructors navigate some of the opportunities and challenges of SoTL in higher education, and in developing, evaluating and disseminating SoTL inquiries. The Explore SoTL Guide is created with these stages in mind, and will be useful for anyone who is new to SoTL or for those who are more seasoned SoTL practitioners who would like access to additional resources and material. The Explore SoTL Guide will also allow you to review projects of current and past SoTL Seed holders, to view recent SoTL publications and conference presentations and keep you up to date with upcoming events and workshops at UBC.

As ethical inquiry is an integral component of all SoTL projects, each section in the Explore SoTL Guide will include questions and references you may want to consider either before or as you are going through the planning stages of a SoTL project. While many SoTL projects may not require BREB (see our BREB for SoTL Guide), doing SoTL in an ethical manner should be a priority every step of the way – from conceptualizing your research question, to the dissemination of your findings. We also welcome you to reach out to us at any stage of your planning process.

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