SoTL Seed Program

If you are looking to conduct research and to evaluate the impact of your teaching and/or students’ learning practices, you may consider applying for the SoTL Seed Program. The program provides support - including graduate research assistants, collegial collaborations, and complementary funding - for those engaging in SoTL.

SoTL Dissemination Fund

If you look to share your SoTL Work (via conferences or open journals) and do not have other funding sources to enable that, you may consider applying for the SoTL Dissemination Fund.

Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF)

The TLEF enriches student learning by supporting innovative and effective educational enhancements. Funding is available for Large TLEF Transformation projects (multi-year projects that are intended to advance UBC’s strategic goals relating to transformative learning) and Small TLEF Innovation projects (grassroots projects that are intended to support experimentation and implementation with pedagogical approaches that have strong potential to enhance the experiences of learners).

Please note that ISoTL is not involved in the TLEF adjudication process.

Evaluation Support

ISoTL provides consultation and support to help you design and implement an evaluation plan to measure specific aspects of your teaching. Please contact us by completing the consultation request form.

If you are seeking to:

  • Evaluate specific aspects of your teaching or of your course.
  • Research specific aspects of your teaching and of student learning in your course.
  • Receive funding to enhance teaching practice to support student learning and experiences.
  • Share your scholarly work on teaching and learning in conferences and/or open journals.

You may want to:

The SoTL Seed call occurs twice a year. Generally, the Spring Call opens in April and the Winter Call opens in October. Sign up for the ISoTL Newsletter, so that you never miss the application deadlines for these opportunities! The Dissemination Fund accepts applications on a rolling process, you are welcome to apply anytime.

SoTL Specialists are graduate students who work closely with faculty members from all disciplines on teaching and learning evaluation projects. SoTL Specialists offer their expertise in project management, survey design, research and more!

We are not currently hiring SoTL Specialists, but encourage you to check back regularly for postings advertised on the homepage. You are also welcome to contact us and share your interest in working on our team!

ISoTL has developed a BREB resource in consultation with UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan research ethics offices to help you better understand this process and whether it will be a requirement for your project.

Please email ctlt.isotl@ubc.ca with your questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible!